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Every year thousands of Toronto patients seeking to improve the way they look and feel search for cosmetic surgery doctors. Choosing the right doctor, however, can be an overwhelming task. there are many factors to consider from experience to qualifications. You may also want to consider treatment by a doctor with whom you feel comfortable personally. Once this stage is behind the majority of patients indicate they are happy with the results of their treatment. Most patients report an improved sense of self esteem and a more positive outlook in general after undergoing cosmetic medical treatments. Dr Solish is a highly respected Toronto dermatologist with a revered practice in cosmetic dermatology and thousands of loyal patients.

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Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute - In the recent years liposuction has become on of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Toronto. Liposuction consists of removing excess fatty deposits by using a suction method. Tumescent liposuction is the traditional method of removing excess body fat. Over the years Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Toronto has become one of the most reputable Toronto liposuction centers. Other sophisticated cosmetic surgery procedures such as facelifts and breast augmentations are also performed on may satisfied Toronto facelift and Toronto breast augmentation patients by qualified plastic surgeon at the cosmetic Surgery Institute.

Dr CJ Abrahamse – Dr Abrahamse is widely recognized as one of the most experienced injectors of Botox in Belleville, Peterborough and Lindsay Ontario. He has been performing skin tightening treatments for his cobourg and Peterborough skin tightening patients for over three decades and has a loyal following of patients. He is now the first to exclusively offer Liposonix in Peterborough, Lindsay, Durham and Scarborough.

Dr. Wayne Carman – Cosmetic Surgery Institute

Dr. Carman, Toronto plastic surgeon, offers a full range of procedures for his Thunder Bay plastic surgery patients. Thunder Bay breast augmentation is just one of those being provided.
He discusses all procedure-related issues, using the efficiency of telephone, email and fax to answer all his patients` questions and concerns, resulting in confidence in their expected results.

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