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Botox® Cosmetic Indications

The initial use of Botox®was to help control neuromuscular disorders - see Botox®history. The discovery that Botox®treatment have the effect of reducing wrinkles was somewhat of an accident when Botox® was used in areas near patient's frown lines. This discovery led to clinical trials to determine and verify effects of Botox®on wrinkles. These clinical trials demonstrated that Botox® could safely, effectively, and temporarily (generally 3-4 months) smoothen out wrinkles in treated.

The results of the Botox® trials indicated that a large majority of patients showed smoothened frown lines within a week of their Botox®injection . The patients in the clinical trials also reported that results persisted for up to four months following their treatment with Botox®.

In 2001 Botox® was indicated for treatment of frown lines by Health Canada. Then in 2006 Health Canada indicated Botox® for treatment of crow's feet lines. Book a Botox injection in Toronto Online

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