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Toronto BOTOX® Injections

Crow's feet wrinkles and frown lines around the eyes can make some people look established and even attractive. But you may find that they make you older than you feel or that forehead lines and sagging eyelids make you look tired and burned out. If so, Dr Solish can perform a BOTOX® injection in Toronto offices that is designed to soften unwanted wrinkles.
If you are interested about BOTOX® injections in Toronto, please call us at (416) 964-8888.

Toronto BOTOX® Injection Procedure with Dr Solish

Your Toronto BOTOX® Injection Procedure with Dr Solish. During your BOTOX® injection in Toronto, Dr Solish will inject the appropriate dose of BOTOX® Cosmetic into the muscle responsible for the creation of dynamic wrinkles. Dr Solish determines the amount of BOTOX® by carefully considering a number of factors including the area to be treated with BOTOX® and the depth of wrinkles. The BOTOX® injection is then administered using a fine needle which will help to minimize any discomfort. BOTOX® does the rest by controlling nerve impulses that cause muscle action. The effects of your BOTOX® injection will limit the ability of the targeted muscles to contract which will soften the skin over those areas. BOTOX® injections are a very popular treatment by Dr. Solish because they can be administered very quickly. After your BOTOX® injection in Toronto you will be able to return to your work or home without delay or any signs of having "something done".
Effects of your BOTOX® injection can last between three and four months. The majority of Dr Solish's BOTOX® patients are very pleased with the results and continue to return for subsequent visits. The effects of BOTOX® injection can be maintained by scheduling maintenance injections.
BOTOX® injection in Toronto should be provided only by trained medical doctors.

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