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Botox® Cosmetic Uses

Botox Before-and-After treatment Photos

BOTOX Cosmetic™ works by relaxing muscles that cause lines or wrinkles. It can therefore work only on areas that can benefit from this effect. These tend to occur in people who are expressive with their facial movements.
The most common areas are frown lines, forehead lines and crow's feet. Frown lines are vertical lines noticed between the eyebrows and are made worse by frowning or squinting. Forehead lines are usually horizontal lines caused by repetitive raising of the eyebrows. Crow's feet are seen on the sides of the eyes and are worsened usually by smiling.
Another area where BOTOX Cosmetic™ is used is the upper lip. If someone tends to purse their lips when they speak they can develop vertical lines on the upper lip. These are commonly mistaken for smoker's lines. BOTOX Cosmetic™ can help prevent this form forming, and improve their appearance. It can also allow other substances used to help plump these lines last longer.

If one develops perioral lines, or as they're commonly referred to, oral commissures, usually there is a turning down of the outside corners of the mouth. With two simple injections BOTOX Cosmetic™ can relax these muscles creating a more turned up mouth and a less noticeable line. As well it creates a happier appearance to the face.

Necklines usually are vertical or horizontal folds in the skin. There is a fine muscle underneath the skin in the neck and relaxing this muscle allows the skin to tighten resulting in significant improvement in this area.

A less common area for injection is inside the gums of the upper lip. This is used in individuals who when they smile, tend to show not only their teeth but also a large part of their gums. Two simple injections will prevent their mouth from rising too much and allows them to show off their beautiful teeth without showing their gums.

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