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Side Effects of Botox® and Botox® Safety

Like any medical procedure Botox® can also have risks. The vast majority of side effects from Botox® injections is associated with pain or irritation at the injection sites and is indeed very minor. More serious side effects from Botox® injections can occur in the form of droopy eyelids or facial droopiness. It should be noted that because effects of Botox® are temporary so are any side effects. Side effects of Botox® are also drastically reduced when performed by qualified dermatologists. Dr Solish is one of the first and most experienced dermatologists and injectors of Botox® in the Toronto area. The experience of injecting physician is crucial in administering of Botox® because wrong dosage and placement of Botox® injection can increase the possibility of side effects from Botox® injections.

Botox® continues to have an excellent safety record. Available Long-term data show that all side effects of Botox® are temporary and no permanent damage has been recorded as a result of Botox® treatments. Moreover, examinations of treated muscles indicate no loss of contraction ability in treated muscles over time. In the majority of cases where side effects have been reported, the severity of Botox® side effects has been mild enough to allow treatments to continue.

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