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Your BOTOX Treatment with Dr Solish

Prior to your Botox treatment, Dr Solish will assess your skin and family and medical history. While the actual Botox treatment is a simple and quick procedure (typically 10-15 minutes per Botox treatment), Botox is a drug and must only be administered by a licensed medical professional possessing the required training to perform Botox treatments.

If you are interested in having a Botox treatment in Toronto, please call us at (416) 964-8888.

Dr Solish, a trained surgical dermatologist, will personally conduct a consultation with each patient considering a Botox treatment in order to ensure the standards of patient selection as well as confirming that a Botox treatment is indeed suitable for your concerns. Dr Solish may also discuss options and alternatives to Botox treatments should it be necessary in order to address your individual concerns. The Botox treatment will be performed only after an initial Botox consultation has been performed and a Botox treatment has been determined by Dr Solish to indeed be the appropriate treatment for you.

Botox treatment will then take place at Dr Solish's Toronto offices. Though not always necessary, a numbing agent may be applied to the area of skin to be treated with Botox injections. The actual Botox treatment will consist of a few to several injections in appropriate muscles as determined by Dr Solish. Because Botox treatments don't require a recovery period you can return immediately to work or home following your Botox treatment. Prior to leaving after your Botox treatment Dr Solish will provide a few short instructions to help your muscles along in absorbing Botox and providing the best and longest lasting result for you. Because the effects of your Botox treatment is temporary (typically three to four months), so are any rare adverse side effects. These side effects may include slight redness, bruising, swelling, and very rarely droopy eyelids, however because Dr Solish is a trained dermatologist the possibility of any adverse side effects are radically decreased. Your Botox injection will take complete affect within a few days and you'll notice that your wrinkles are softened in the treated area.

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