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Botox® Therapeutic Indications


Botox®Therapeutic works to relieve excessive seating (Hyperhidosis) by blocking the release of a substance which activates the sweat glands. Hyperhidrosis is defined as excessive sweating that is not caused by physical activity. This type of Hyperhidrosis often appears symmetrically (hands, feet). Botox®therapeutic was indicated for Hyperhidrosis treatments under the arm in September 2001.


[Please note Dr Solish does not perform spasticity tretment with Botox in Toronto dermatology clinic]

Spasticity is described by the inability of muscles to receive nerve impulses from the brain and lose the ability to relax. This results in muscles that are constantly contracted. Botox® works by relaxing affected muscles to decrease muscle spasticity which will also with improvements in and pain. Botox® was tested in large clinical study for safety and effectiveness. The Botox® injections showed improvement in muscle movement lasting up to three months. Botox®injections were indicated by Health Canada for reduction of muscle spasticity in the wrist in November 2001.

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